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Movement generates progress

With construction logistics you create the prerequisite for secure budgets, reliable deadlines and defined qualities. Use our experience in planning and coordinating all construction logistics processes of your projects.

Efficient construction with professional construction logistics

Zeppelin Rental defines your construction project as a completely well-organized temporary production location, which requires a different type of planning and logistics effort than industrial production. In order to ensure that the construction process goes according to plan, it is necessary to precisely coordinate the construction site planning, the construction method, the requirements of those involved in construction, construction site installation, material flow and the construction situation on site. Construction site logistics hereby provides support to ensure that the trades are able to work at the right time in the right place and that the right amount of the correct material is available. Creating ideal framework conditions for all those involved is the basis for an efficient construction progress enabling deadlines to be met. That is our core business.


Construction management
360° service: architecture and construction management for industrial projects
Construction Logistics Planning
On the basis of your plans, we plan efficient movement of personnel and material
Logistics Coordination
How we coordinate all movements and hence support your construction processes
Access Control
Control access to your construction site online – from A to Z
Disposal Logistics
Well-conceived waste disposal concepts: we take care of the rest
Mobile Construction Site Logistics
Flexible and mobile: we coordinate construction site installation on route construction sites
Container Operator Models
One container system, one contact person – from planning to invoicing
Construction Site Installation
With Zeppelin Rental for you on site: 55,000 construction machines, 120 locations