Control access to construction sites online or Zeppelin InSite: Systematic access controls

Do you want to reliably know at all times who is working on your construction sites? With its Zeppelin InSite 3.0 Zeppelin Rental offers a comprehensive online solution for transparency and efficient arrangement of the access process on construction sites. The system is enhanced by professional rental equipment for securing construction sites. In this way construction companies improve their project control and hence minimize risks.

Creating transparency

The web-based solution enables movements of people on construction sites to be simply and reliably controlled and directed. All access data of a construction site can be called up in real time. This means customers know what is happening on their projects. A construction management reporting system rapidly enables an individual overview of the most important resources.

Working efficiently

The online access control enables several projects to be controlled at the same time. This allows the construction company to work more efficiently. This also applies to the subcontractors: with Zeppelin InSite 3.0 you register your personnel online in advance. This reduces waiting times on site. Employees reach their workplaces more quickly.

Reacting flexibly

Zeppelin InSite 3.0 is available in three variants: from the basic solution construction sites with one access point and just a few trades right through to the solution for large construction sites with several access points, security areas and complex subcontractor structures. And you have a big choice of hardware for Securing construction sites. This gives you maximum flexibility.

Tried and tested in practice:

Zeppelin Rental has tested the new access control system for one year.

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Secure your construction site together with us. With Zeppelin InSite 3.0 we offer you software solutions tailored to your requirements.  Choose the right hardware from our comprehensive range of equipment for hire. Do you require on-site supervision? If required, we provide trained personnel.

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