Safe and secure building

According to the Construction Site Ordinance, every client is responsible for security and health on his construction site. The appointment of a suitable safety and health coordinator is mandatory if several employers who have to be superordinately coordinated are involved in construction. Many sources of danger can be identified in advance. The analyzed risks can generally be limited with suitable means. We recognize the hidden risks on your construction site, implement preventive measures and make them calculable. Rely on the safety and health coordination of Zeppelin Rental's experts.

  • Preventive action
    We implement statutory regulations reliably an professionally.
  • Protecdt employees
    We recommend measures which protect the health of everyone involved in construction.
  • Safely cooperating
    We ensure the coordination of all participants, so that everyone works safely together. 

Our safety and health coordinator

Our qualified health and safety coordinators take care of safely planning your construction project and safely designing construction processes and the work of the individual trades. The safety and health coordinator knows all the latest laws and regulations which the legislator stipulates for the planning and implementation phase in the Construction Site Ordinance, and ensures that it is properly implemented in practice.

Tasks of the safety and health coordinator

At the beginning he draws up a safety and health coordination plan, which includes a comprehensive risk analysis and appropriate safety measures. The safety and health coordinator advises the client when he draws up the construction operations planning and the fire protection concept. During the construction phase the coordinator takes charge of instructing the involved companies, checks the safety situation on the construction site during regular inspections and regularly updates the safety and health plan. Since he/she is also at the same time in charge of the responsible handling of hazardous substances, his/her competence in the areas of security and waste disposal are in many ways at the same time beneficial.

Tried and tested in practice



  • Safety regulations at the construction site
  • Safety and health coordination at Dorotheen District in Stuttgart
  • The safety of the employees is our top pritority
  • Safety and health coordination from industry specialists
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