Trainings – from safety to IPAF

Zeppelin Rental is a competent partner when it comes to the qualification and training of your own employees. Make use of our advanced training concepts and rely on our experience when looking for additional specialists. Because ultimately, with all our innovative technologies, it's the people who make the difference.

  • Better results
    Working safely with fewer operating errors has a positive impact on your result
  • Greater efficiency
    People who know what they are doing and competently fulfil their tasks work faster and more safely

Trainings for the safety of your employees

Take advice from Zeppelin Rental on who should participate in which trainings, how often these should be repeated and which requirements have to be fulfilled. Whether this takes place in our institutions, in your company or directly on the construction site – we ensure safety. You order. We come! When it has to happen really quickly, we carry out training on site at your location. Simply contact us – we help you quickly and conveniently

Specific familiarization

Apart from the instruction specific familiarization with machines is mandatory for the operating personnel. In particular with regard to equipment for hire it is recommendable that the statutory familiarization is carried out by specialists. We are glad to train your personnel on how to operate diverse equipment and machines.

Our safety trainings for your employees

- SCC trainings for the chemical and oil processing industry
- Fire protection officer training
- IPAF trainings for operating lifting working platforms
- Trainings for operating forklift trucks and telescopic forklift trucks in accordance with the German Social   Accident Insurance (DGUV) guideline 308-001 and DGUV regulation 69
- Trainings for loading safety in accordance with Association of German Engineers (VDI) 2700 and VDI 2700a guidelines
- Trainings on safe fastening of loads
- Professionally operating bridge cranes/hall cranes in accordance with DGUV guideline 309-003 and DGUV regulation 52

Occupational Safety Protection
Right of way for safety
Safety and Health Coordination
Safe, efficient construction
Electrical Service
Reliable support: adjustment, inspection and maintenance of the electrical construction site installation
Logistics Coordination
How we coordinate all movements and hence support your construction processes